Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spreading The Word In Dale

Random pix of us in Dale passing out tracts and whatnot.

Haley was completely convinced that she could touch the tree with her foot if she gained the right amount of momentum. She was on that swing for about half an hour, she came so close to reaching her goal but then she quit like an uber goob.

This is a pic of the whole group that came out to help us canvass Dale

Below are more random pix of us at a park. teeheehee... let's not go into much detail...

So yeah, we passed by this absolutely gorgeous monastery and we just couldn't resist checkin' it out.

OH! I'm sorry! Is that "holy" water? Well, too late now. Some of us splashed around in it, washed our faces in it, and a couple of us may have put it in our hair. What can I say? It was one hot day and that big bowl of cold water showed up just in time... teeheehee...

2 Creative Observation(s):

Mike Giardino said...

gosh i wish i could have been there with Tim and Wes and the rest of you guys... I'm sure i missed out on many inside jokes.... flapdoodle

The Predictably Unpredictable Life of Jerry The Joker said...

HOLY WATER!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!! (dusts shoulders and turns in circle[ black spot pirates of the carribean]) _Haley