Friday, June 22, 2007

Living Waters Youth Camp: The Ride There (just goofin' off)

This is Hazardous Haley being as Hazardous as a Haley can be.
(don't even ask me what that was all about)

Here are some pics of Haley and Cheyenne in these freako tent like things that they made while on the bus. They wrapped their blankets around their seats so when they slept no one could see them.

Me with some goofy Haley glasses on and an Earthchild branch around my head.

This is definitely one of my most favoritest candid shots ever.

Okay so, these last two pics are of Chey and Haley. Let me explain them to you-

the bus got really hot so we opened the windows. Well, when we opened the windows all of a sudden every girl's hair on that bus was getting blown everywhere (that is why I am wearing my hat, although in weird ways, in most of these pics). It was absolutely terrible. So these photos are of Haley and Chey with their blowing everywhere.

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