Friday, June 22, 2007

Finally There and Having Fun (no matter who's watching)

Okay, so I guess you kinda have to know who we are to get why were taking all these dorky photos in front of all these peeps. We are the type of peoples that hang out and have fun all the time. I mean, who cares of some dude or some chick is watching and is thinking how dumb and immature we are being. We do NOT care! We like to be happy and have fun. So now getting us you should be able to understand why when we pulled up in the camp's parking lot and saw the big playground filled with funtastical and wondermous stuff we got excited. Although the playground was set for little kids the age and size of a five year old we were bound and determined to have fun and play on that playground; Even if we couldn't fit perfectly in their little tiny play cars and mini plastic castles, we made sure we made ourselves fit so we could show you who we really are.
Oh ya! This is Iman (left) and me with our new friend, Anna (middle). She is one of the goofiest, funniest, most hysterically giddy person you will ever meet (except for the fact that you will prolly never meet her). She sat across from us at the meal table every day and when we seen how fun she was and how she also didn't really care what anyone thought of her it was an automatic friendship.

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