Friday, June 22, 2007

The Ride Home

Let me explain something before you look at this post. Last year when we went to camp we also went to a pizza place afterwards and for some reason when we finished our pizza we went outside and took pictures of us (haley, iman, chey, me) kissing and posing on a stop sign. So when we found out that we were going to go to another pizza place after camp this year we decided to make it a tradition. So we went outside after we ate our food and looked for a stop sign. We couldn't find one so we decided on this handicap parking sign right in front of the restaurant. Yeah, we are definitely just weird like that.
This is a pizza place our youth pastor (and wife) took us to on the way home from camp.

Here is Iman.
Here is Haley.
This is me. Yeah, I took the other photos and Iman took this one because obviously I couldn't. And this, surprisingly enough, is actually the best one taken.

Here is Cheyenne. She wasn't feeling very good that day so when I tried to take a pic she couldn't get up on the poll, so she just ended up standing there.

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