Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mixed Matched & Completely Random (The S.U.U.E)

i have no idea what we were thinking
but whatever it was i don't think it was meant to look as...strange as it turned out to look like.
again, i have no idea what look we were going for but whatever it was i doubt we got it.

Haley(Foozy Harris) was attempting to steal my mayloo(money) when i suprisingly turned around with my camera in my hand. she hesitated, then posed as if she knew she was getting her pic taken and she had planned it to look like she was stealing my maloo when in reality she really was not acting. (j.k.)

Tackey Teen Night
here is a "just kipping" pic of Iman.
she got just a little too excited when she saw all of my weird hats & accessories...

i hope you enjoyed the few bits and pieces of my memories with
the coolyest/weirdyest/freakyest (i know i spelled all of those words wrong) people on earth.
--We Are The S.U.U.E--

3 Creative Observation(s):

David (Coe) said...

I am watching for your video! Let me know if you run into any snags.

David Coe said...

Check out Jesse's Blog - watch the video of him eating a whole bag of sour candy at once.

XCheyenneX said...

HI I love you!! Hehe!! LOL!! Haha!! HoHo!! : ]