Friday, March 9, 2007

Simply Me

Hello Everyone, as you have (most likely) recently found out, Cheyenne and I have split up. We have gone our seperate ways and protruding from the decision we have made - (inspirational music starts) new heights we will climb, new skills we will master, new paths we will take, and to new worlds we will venture . . . maybe not.
Well anyhoo, I hope you have a fantastically wild time as you travel through the life and mind of me (Danno). ENJOY! -or should I say "good luck"-

2 Creative Observation(s):

you'll never really know me said...

yea jose i kno that the pic at the top was kinda retarted but yea you guys were like whoa mad at me that nite and i also maybe beleive that was the nite you told me you were mad at me and like yea but cris was boreded so we took pics sry i still love you but we still need to tlk and yea well yea and sence the boyers are leaving tommor i kno that you guys may think im gonna run back to you guys asking for forgivness and giving a fake appology (as iman says ) but no if thats what i wanted to do i would but i find no reason but the fact that i ditched you guys to appoligize and thats just me and if you guys think other wise then tell me i really just want this all resolved cuz if not im gonna be stuck with the padgetts and joey which i have no!!!!!prob. w/ joey but the padgetts would gett annoying after the first week lol so yea we need to tlk cuz me and iman tried to and we nearly ripped each others faces off (if you kno what i mean) so yea well ad the poem yea that was along time ago like last summer so yea when cris hated and i didnt feel like tlkin to neone so yea but yea nice to know you actually take time to read my poems but yea heyy i need to put the oath on there to kk cuz it is a poem lol so yea welll g2g kk love you more than you think you know kk <33333 haley

you'll never really know me said...

yea josae i hate you and ur a faggggggg kk so yea

.. j/k i love you jose lol funny stuff but yea we need to find ia ride to the movies and yea later cmt backkk k - jerry