Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hog Wrestlin' @ The Fair

Me and my good friend Sarah signing our names (and our horse's names) for the year 2010's 4-H fair.

Me, Sarah, Jessie, and Chey waitin' for the senior division to be called for hog wrestling. If you don't know what hog wrestling is let me briefly explain: the object is to catch the hog and place its entire body on a tire in the middle of a mud pin in under a minute, everyone must be touching the pig with one hand and raising the other when finished; four people to a team, in front of hundreds of people.

Waiting for our team to be called "(who ya gonna call?) Hog Busters!". We're up next...

jumpin' into thigh deep mud...

the one stretched out over the tire is me. :D

see the pig's snout?

Almost got it. This thing was stinkin heavy!
Woohoo! Finished with a time of 18 seconds.

3 Creative Observation(s):

Anonymous said...

wow... that's intense. I've never even heard of "hog wrestling". At least in NY. Looks like airplane loads of fun!!


~Johanna~ said...

Hahaha. yeah, it was TONS o' fun! more fun than you may expect. we also had never heard of it or seen anything like it. a couple days before fair we were recruited. we had NO IDEA what we were getting ourselves into when we agreed. i got mud all in my mouth and one of my friends almost drowned! we had to let the pig go so we could help her up, she's the one whos face is all muddy (worse than any of ours). which is why it took 18 seconds. grr... the winners managed to do it in 8 seconds

Angelina D. said...

hey dat looks like REAL FUN and you are a very fun loving person arent u?