Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hold Your Horsies!

Chey and I went on an amaaazing trail ride together today! Who would have ever thought that one day I'd actually ride a horse and wear, dare I admit it, cowgirl boots??? Not me. AnywHay, we had bucketloads of fun as we traversed through the wild landscapes of Ireland, rode through a primitive trail near a savage lake, battled our way through a deep dark forest ending in a fatal ditch in which we were forced to jump over (my horse more like tripped over it...). Then back across an old rustic bridge, and over a rushing stream, where we finally tied up the horses and rested for awhile. Then we hopped back on our wild stallions and decided to make one final rumpus before heading home through the open, uncultivated, surrounding fields where we cantered and galloped freely to our heart's content. Here are only a few pictures (there will be many others on my sister's blog soon @ and I'll be posting a video of me riding within the next few days. So check 'em out. ENJOY!

Me and Jelly Bean...she's fat but we're working on that.

Chey on Riley McLeod.

2 Creative Observation(s):

Kendra Logan said...

Awesome! From your profile it looks like we have lots in common btw. I'm a PK too, but shh ;)


Haley Jo. said...

I love you so much Johanna. Thank you. :)