Monday, April 26, 2010

"...Smiling's My Favorite"

4 Creative Observation(s):

Julia Giardino said...

oh my Goodness!!! YOu are so freak'n gorgeous!!!! I love you so much and so want to do a photo shoot with you madly soon...and ps...can you show me how to do music and stuff on my blog??

~Johanna~ said...

Thanks muchos, deary-li! I would LOOOOOVVVVEEEEEEE to do a some type of photo shoot with you, with ALL my awesome sauce friends in fact. We really need to do somethin' insanical like that the next time we alls get together. Kinda like a band type photo but not 'cause we're not a band just a COOLEO POSSE!!! Know what I mean?

AnywHay, to put music on your blog you can use a site like,, or whatever. After you make your playlist find the option to "get the code". Copy the code. Then go to your blogger dashboard, click "layout", then click "add a gadget". Add the "HTML/JavaScript" gadget. Once added, paste your playlist's code in the content square. TAADAAA!! It should work.

If you want a good site for other things like blinkies or other fun little gadgets you can go to sites like,,,, and so on and so forth. And once again, to get whatever it is that you want on your blog (as long as it's not a background) you just follow the above steps. Like posting a playlist, but instead of copying and pasting the playlist code you'll be copyng and pasting the fun gadget's code.

Any questions...just ask. I'll do my best to explain.

Kate said...

Wow, completely amazing pictures Johanna!! You are soooo beautiful! <3

Anonymous said...

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