Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Long Overdue Post Dedicated To My Mom

Last night I was thinking. And do you know what I was thinking about? Of course not. So let me enlighten you. I was thinking about my mother. And I was thinking about how when God puts something on her heart she isn’t afraid to talk about it, so shall I be. For God has put something on my heart to say and I won’t cower from it, not this time. Besides, if there is anyone that deserves a good shout out it’s my mom and if you carry on reading, you’ll find out why.

She is a fighter. She may not always show the type of emotion or “passion” about certain things that we expect to see from her in certain circumstances but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel it, that she doesn’t suffer most from our stupid selfish mistakes. She may not always show it but that’s because she’s still fighting, fighting for what’s right and using the strength that God has given her to hold things together. Because she knows that if she were to fall apart so our family would fall apart as well.

She is my rock and she is strong, the one that will never give up on the seemingly hopeless when all others have. She shows love to those that have and continually hurt her and she certainly doesn’t do so because she’s weak or a push over but because she’s so strong. Stronger than any of us because she does what most can’t find the strength to do; show compassion to the undeserving, show compassion even when we are too prideful to return it.

She is merciful and self-sacrificing. When I was single-handedly tearing my family apart and blatantly putting my selfish desires first, she comforted me. When the person I was so willing to give up my entire family for and who I thought cared about me most hurt me more than anyone else, my mom who was probably hurting just as much if not more than me at the time went out of her way, put her own feelings aside, and comforted me when I least deserved it.

She is my shield, my “guardian angel“ if you will. As lamo as that may sound, it’s the truth. If God put someone in my life that sacrifices of herself in order to protect me from myself, it’s my mom. And besides, she knows EVERYTHING. I can’t seem to hide anything from her. How does she always find out my secrets?? And how does she always manage to keep me from getting in too deep? God. He knew what He was doing when He sent her down and put her in this family.

She is flawed to perfection. Her flaw is that she has spoiled us rotten by being exactly the type of mom we are all in need of yet some of us are too prideful to admit as much because then who would we have to blame for all our issues? We would no longer have someone to take the responsibility off ourselves in order to justify our own SELF-made mistakes and screwed up lives. She’s the one that receives the least respect and doesn’t always demand it yet she deserves it and has earned it more than most. God forbid we humble ourselves enough to show our mother respect and honor! God forbid we hurt our pride in order to please someone else besides ourselves!

She is blameless and yet the one that we accuse for all our problems but we all know she’s right and no matter what we say or do we can’t escape that fact. But, hey, it’s your life and you are going to live it the way
you want. Yet when you see just how big the hole is that you have dug yourself into, you are all but too willing to place the shovel in your mother’s hands. “They aren’t your mistakes and, so being, not your responsibility.” Grow up and be the adult you always demand to be treated as!

She has been pushed around, taken for granted, back-talked, bullied, beaten, cheated, disrespected, degraded, accused, betrayed, persecuted, ridiculed, rebuked, broken-hearted, dishonored, been to hell and back, and so much more yet here she is, still standing for what’s right, still staying strong, and still holding things together for everyone else when she’s the one that needs to be held.

Maybe one day when you’re a bitter twisted old geezer sitting on a bench somewhere alone and empty, you’ll remember your mother and despite her many flaws (yet in them, as I've mentioned, lie perfection for she was made exactly the way God intended and bestowed upon her the character in which He knew would best fit our needs) you’ll finally realize that maybe, just maybe, she was right and you were - dare I say it? - WRONG. But by then it may be too late. What if one day she decides to give you exactly what you deserve and for once stands up for herself? Yes, it would be a carnal thing for her to do and she would never do it, but what if she did? What if she gave you exactly what you have been giving her for years? Time, as well as our mother, should not be taken for granted.

She is my mom. She is a fighter and she is my rock. And for once I am not only going to fight to keep her but I am going to fight along side her. And this time no “friend”, guy, or whatever other circumstance is gong to take her away from me and I will not be so quick to give her up.

She is priceless and I love her. I thank God for my mom!

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Anonymous said...

Beautifully written!! I am glad that you are realizing the extent of your mother's love. A mother's love is sooo deep for her kids. She only wants God's best for all of you. Stay faithful my dear to God and to your parents! God's blessings will abound!
Aunt Renee'

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful if you feel truly loved. Remember, too, the importance of discovering your own faith (not simply relying on what others--even your parents) say. Read the Bible and question everything you're told using Scripture (not others' words) as the measuring stick. Take full responsibility for your life, but never take all the blame.

~Johanna~ said...

With what I have been through and the situations I have put myself in, I have learned to trust God and my parents in all things. Yes, I have convictions of my own and have done Scriptural studying of my own but when I am in doubt or have questions about anything I know now that my parents are the right ones to go to for council. God put them in my life for a reason so I will trust them for I trust that God will open their eyes to the things I do not see.

Also, I take full responsibility AND blame for the things I have done. I believe that no matter how a child is raised if he/she has it in his/her heart to do something, whether it be bad or good, they are most likely going to do it.

The Oliver Family said...

How can one take full responsibility, but not take all the blame? Isn't that a contradiction? -Richard

The Oliver Family said...

Thank you my sweet, I love you and am so proud of you. Thank God for answered prayer.Stay strong and you will be blessed beyond measure.God is faithful and He is just.Someone who tells you to question your parents is a fool and ignorant of scripture. God has put us in your life to guide you and protect you and that is what we are going to do. We have tried to raise you BY he Bible and for God's glory.Anyone who knows us will know that is true.Keep your heart tender towards the Lord, do His will. I will always be there for you. Love Mom