Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Beowulf Boast

So, we recently read Beowulf in my English Literature class and my teacher decided that it would be a great idea if we all wrote "Beowulf Boasts" and present them in front of the entire class. If you've never read the story of Beowulf, let me briefly explain what a "Beowulf Boast" is.

First of all, Beowulf is an Anglo-Saxon poem/story so it's wording, beats, measures, etc. are pretty whacked and it's written in alliterations (example: Peter Piper Picked a Peck of...) so in each line of our "Beowulf Boast" we had to come up with at least three (alliterations). Second, in the story of Beowulf there are many paragraphs mainly consisting of Beowulf boasting about his many attributes, abilities, etc. which, during that age, was considered polite and expected from so great a person; so, our "Beowulf Boast" had to consist of nothing but the writer boasting about him/her self. And lastly, the endings of each line are NOT supposed to rhyme.
Anyway, I felt really dorky doing it because I couldn't think of anything to boast about and it was rather embarrassing but I finished it and this was the end result...

My Lords and Ladies of this English Lit. class,
Hark! Hear my words with head and heart.
I tell a great tale of a talented young lass,
Though seemingly shy and so saintly.
Yet, ‘twas a facade of fabricated fables!
This pretense most people could not perceive;
Bright, bold, and brave was her true identity.
She locked away such powers of significant speech
To be used when the appropriate time came to be.
Yes! ‘Tis truthful tittle-tattle,
This maiden of magnificence is me!
Born to bear the burden of such literary greatness.
I am the exact example of wordplay encouragement,
The silence-breaker of saddening sentiments,
And a revolutionary for a risk taking renaissance
Anticipating the approaching inevitable trance-awakening moment.
However, for the present, I must pacify my confrontations and
-play the ever enchanting role of a placid-peacemaker…

~Johanna Oliver

5 Creative Observation(s):

Anonymous said...

Jazzy rhyme Jose!

Jacob Coe said...

Great job Jose! I hope everything at school is going well for you.

Mike Giardino said...

Cleverly Brilliant my dear, Cleverly Brilliant indeed.

Jacob Coe said...

Hi =)

Mike Giardino said...

I love that new post you put up today... oh wait... never mind...
Yes that was very sardonic of me but come on girl, we jsut want one little update.