Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mere/Mirror Boredom

In case you didn't get it, these pix were taken in the mirror...

yeah, that's right. I still wear my hair in pigtails.

Some more boredom pix-
These were taken at Lowe's while checkin' out some new bathtubs (since me and Chey tore our old one out). I wasn't feeling too well so I had to sit down and after the 1st minute past by my camera began to call my name
" jose . . . jooosse . . . JOOOOSSSSSEEE . . ."
So yeah, how could I resist?

6 Creative Observation(s):

Jacob Coe said...

Ok..You cracked me up with camera calling your name part!! lol!!! Sweet music by the way!!

The Predictably Unpredictable Life of Jerry The Joker said...

what about me did you not know in my 28 things about me which one wirded you out the most i bet it was the whole counting in my head thing wasnt it baha yeah i do that even without realizing im doing its weird i know but ive been doing ever since i could remember idk im weird like that, and bet you didnt know that i hate public display of affection yeah tis a little hatred of mine sry, i even thinki that you didnt have a clue that i was facinated with religions and talking to pastors yeah i for some reason enjoy doing that, and i know for a fact you didnt know that there was a dead beta in the top of my fish tank ( which it just so happens thats hes still there baha). yeah im crazy i knnow sorry :]

The Predictably Unpredictable Life of Jerry The Joker said...

okay "Dear Cali" is a story that has been in the works for a few years now but it is in no way about me or my life it is just a story but yeah a friend and i wrote it and it is not quite finished and i cant promise you that your going to like it but yeah lets hope for the best love yas :] -JerrisHArris

Jacob Coe said...

Ello Jose!! I tryed commenting on CiCi's blog but for some weird reason it won't let me. Do you know why? Like there isn't even a place to put a comment.

~Jose~ said...

hmmm... i'll help her work on it tonight.

iman said...

wuddupp homie g on the supa low,

so yea.
pigtails, nice
-not joanin!-

my head hurts, :(
and i am tired if today was yesterday it would be tmoro right now.

which means that it is approximately just about the right time for me to retire to my bedroom of disaster, it is DiRRRTY! no exaggeration there.