Saturday, August 9, 2008

Lincoln Park

This weekend we went to Lincoln State Park for my Pop's birthday
and so here are the pix of our funtastical adventures.
(for more pix visit Chey's and mom's blogs)

These are pix of me and Chey with a statue/carving type thingymanoodle of "Abe Lincoln"

random pic of Em Here's our little camp siteAnd here are some pix of me and Chey canoeing ... by our selves ... not smart.
(at the bottom of this post should be a video of us canoeing also)

Below is pic of the sotally sweet amphitheater that was there.

Here are some pictures of our raccoon friends. Every night that we stayed there they would come out from in the forest and come right up to us (literally two feet away) to beg for food. They were SO CUTE! But they weren't so cute when we woke up one morning to find that all of our ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise packets were gone and not to mention the evening when we found a little trail of our bread rolls leading up to a tree, but did the trail end there? No. Pieces of bread started suspiciously falling from the ... sky? Wrong again. From the tree and in the tree were our "little friends" pigging out on those scrumptious hunks of buttery deliciousness! Oooh, I was so mad.

this is just a random picture that Sierra took I'm not sure exactly as to why I took this pic of Chey. . . hmmm . . .

I'm pretty sure I'm rowing wrong ...

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