Thursday, July 31, 2008

VBS video

I forgot to download this video with the VBS post below. It's just a random one of me attempting to lead the kids in a song during the offering. You might know it, it goes like this:

the boys/girls are gonna win!
the boys/girls are gonna win!
high-ho, the Dairyo
the boys/girls are gonna win!

Obviously I lead the boys and girls separately and while I sang with the boys the girls would yell: The boys are gonna LOSE! and then vice versa when I would sing with the girls.

2 Creative Observation(s):

Jacob Coe said...

Wow..That Tim Burton short film was depressing..the next video you put up has to be about dancing happy little elfs :) Just Kidding.. Looks like you had fun at VBS. Ours is coming up next week.. Talk to you soon.


The Predictably Unpredictable Life of Jerry The Joker said...

okay well yeah i like loved the vincent video wow it was off the hanger :] well yeah thats all love you :] jerris harris