Saturday, July 12, 2008

Indian Creek/p Camp

On the bus and on our way!!!



Me and Autumn

This is Joey. Yeah, this picture is self explanatory.

Inside joke: *sniff-sniff* sumpin' smells like a pool...

Below are some pix of Haley acting like a major grumpy nincompoop. She would NOT get out of bed for ANYTHING!!! So Mrs. Hall (she could possible be the coolest pastor's wife of all time) yanked the mattress right out from underneath her along with all her other bed stuff and then through it all outside on the little deck thingamabob. She still would not get up...

Some very random pix that I took through my wet hair looking into the mirror.

Okay, this guy (who's name happened to be Brad) was probably the dorkiest guy at camp but that's what made him so much fun-fun-fun. And yeah, I most definitely do NOT know who in the world the guy is in the blue polo but he kind of freaked me out.

our dorm

Visiting the Squire Boone Cave on the way home.

We just had to do one more funky thing before went back.

Yeah, this tree was so short that Haley was just walking like normal (obviously) when she sort of ran into it and hit her head. She had a really big lump on it for the rest of the way home.

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