Monday, February 11, 2008

On Our Way

We are in Chicago. You can't tell in this picture but I was about to throw up I felt so sick and the running around trying to get to our plane in time didn't help.

Random picture of the Chicago airport

First meal! If you look closely the meal that Pop and me
will be sharing consists of a bottle of orange juice (yuck), two halves of a wheat wrap, and a Hershey bar (that certainly helped my upset stomach. said with sarcasm just so you know)

We are back in the air and are now flying over somewhere in
France extremely early in the morning.

It's been a few more hours and we are now flying over
Paris, France and are getting ready to land.

On a subway heading towards the airport in Paris.

In the airport we stopped to grab a quick cup of coffee
for some random reason I decided to take a picture
of the place where we got it. And below is an even more
random picture of their menu.

Still in Paris waiting for our ride to Johannesburg, South Africa

It finally arrived and now we are on our way to our final destination.

What do you know, French airline food. They gave us huge meals, unfortunately none of it was that great but I loved the bread.
Bread, cheese, chocolate, and books; that's all I would need to live a full and happy life. (that was kind of a random statement but whatever, I'm a random person)

Getting close! This is a picture of a desert a couple of
hours away from our landing spot.

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