Friday, January 25, 2008

In South Africa

Getting closer...

So here is a picture of just a little part of Johannesburg, S.A.

This is my grandparent's house, sorry that it was taken at such a weird angle.

This is the church that my grandparents started in South Africa. Just in case you can't read the sign it's Bible Baptist Church.

I think it was on the first real day that we were in South Africa when my dad got us in an accident while trying to steal a Cadbury chocolate bar out of my hands. We were in the middle of merging into a major four lane highway not to mention we had just gotten done picking up the little French car that my Uncle was letting us borrow while we were there. We popped two tires and scratched the bottom of the car a little.

Here are my grandparent's on my mom's side, they are the ones that are missionaries there.

Here is a pic of my dad, my little cousin Olivia, and my grandpa Oliver (my dad's dad).

This is the room that I stayed in most of the time that I was there. I'm not sure exactly why I'm puting it on my blog but maybe someone out there will find it interesting.

This is Levi, the greatest dog in the world!! I think I miss him the most.

Here are some more random pictures of a few of my grandparent's animals. The sheep's names are Daisy and Mary, and the horse's name is something that I am not going to attempt to spell.

While we were there my dad and my grandpa went street preaching. This is a pic of my grandpa.

Here's my dad.
We went to go visit the K9 police department where he worked before he came to America.

Here are a few pictures of Oprah's school. They wouldn't let us in and they were getting mad when we tried to take pictures of the place so we had to sneak around back. The pix aren't that great but at least it's something.

Don't ask me who this guy is, I could barely understand what he was saying. But what I did get from it was "please, take a picture of me. Bring me back to America and show all of your friends." So I guess that's what I'm doing.

My aunt Hannah and a girl named Caileey took me on a hike up this "small" hill. This is a pic of them and, of course, Levi.

When we reached the top we stopped to rest at an African bush camp. I can't really explain what that is because I still am not so sure what that is.

Pop took me to an animal reserve, here are some pix and a video of some of the animals that we seen (we seen many more animals but the batteries in my camera died so I was unable to take pictures of them all)

rhinos ...

springbok ...

And below are some videos. One is of some of the lions that we seen in the animal reserve. Another is just a random video of when my grandma Sykes (my mom's mom) and my aunt Hannah took me to another type of small animal park, the main area was closed down and we wanted to do something so I went to the little kids jungle gym thingy and decided to have a little fun. It was so low to the ground (it was for little kids) it was mostly a test to see if I could make it all the way across without hurting myself or letting go. And the other video is of an Afrikaans church that my aunt Hannah and I were invited to by a friend, all the songs were sung in Afrikaans (I recognized a lot of them but I could only by the tune not the words, obviously) and, as you can tell in the video, the preaching was done in Afrikaans also.

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Jacob Coe said...

I hope you have a great time.


you'll never really know me said...

hey jose i like miss you ALOT and stuff so yea i hope your having a good time well umm about to go to church its sunday morning so yea i guess ill write you when i get home ok love you darling -jerry

jerry said...

haha well yeah that last comment from me was like almost two weeks ago it was the sunday after you left lol and i was suppose to write you back when i got home from the morning service well yeah that deff. didnt happen because we all went out that sunday the day we got the wallet well yeah sorry and yeah i suppose to write you everyday while you were gone and i didnt do that either but i thought about you every day if that counts for anything :) but yeah i drewded you a pretty picture youll see it sunday ok but yeah uummmmm oh you should check out my myspace cuz it has some pretty cute icons that i dedicated to you tom and billy its down there by you alls pictures ill prolly put em on my blog but yeah ummmm yeah thats about it hehe so yeah guess ill talk to you sunday okay well peace out eagle scout :) -jerry

Anonymous said...

o my word! that last video is so funny...Thaks for sharing. Jesse