Monday, July 23, 2007

WARNING: this is the longest post ever

Faith Baptist Youth Camp - the comical goofiness,
the random silliness, the freaky weirdness...the posse.

I dedicate this post to: Mikie Scott, Timmie Scott, Mikie Vince,
Johnny, Mike Anthony, KenDoll, Chey, Jess, Jesenia, and Ally Nicole (Smith).
You guys are the most uncool peeps EVER! Which is why I miss you all
muches and muches and can't wait to see you all again.

Also included in the outer posse was: Eyebrow kid, Bucky, Hitler, Pointy Kid,
Off Brandie, Mr. Slick, KenDad, Farmer Ken, Jimmmi, Paige, Wes, Goofy looking Kid,
Flower Power Kid, "Bubbles", Hannah, Perfect Tan Grodie, and the "Nudies".

this is what our posse looked like at the beginning of the week.
from left to right - Mikie Vince, Timmie Scott, me, Mikie Scott, Chey, and Ally Nicole

this is mom (holding Emma) and my Aunt Renee with Bro. Mark
(the coolest preacher ever).

here is my mom and my Aunt Renee.
here they are again but this they are arm wrestling. can you guess who won? was my mom. hehehe.

this is just a random pic of Mikie S. laughing. don't ask me why I put this on here because i don't know.

this is the youth choir we sang in.
this is my cousin Wes. this is how he was the entire week.
Mikie Vince and Timmie canoeing.
here are the trolls we met while we were at camp. the one on the left is Vincent we never got to name the other one.
this is my cousin Doug (Bubbles) on the left with my team captain James (Jimmmi).

these are most indubatably random pics of Ally, Timmie, and Mikie with my glasses on.

"Hi!! I'm Mike with Circuit City, I fix computers. I once built my own computer, it had a whole terabyte on it!" (or something to that affect)

this is one out of the two fountains that we made. we were bored after we got done eating and decided to put our plates, bowls, cups, spoons, and forks all together and build something out of it. well this is how one of them turned out (hehehe I was the genius that had the brilliant idea to pore water in it and made this modern day art sculpture into a fountain).

this is Jesenia. she's weird, which is cool, which is uncool in our world, which is cool, which is weird.

this is my cousin Doug again. for some strange reason every time we called out his name to say hi or something from across the building or even if we were standing near him he would turn around and do this funky little hand thingamajigy. it looked somewhat like this...

here are the three funnest Mikes you will never meet.

this is KenDoll (Brian) and Ally. he (KenDoll) had the most funtastical hair in the world.

this is me with my friends Hannah (which I've known for 15 years) and Allison (which I've known for 5 years). they're fun peeps.

this is a pic of the final posse. during the week our posse began to grow and at the end this is what it looked like. YOU GUYS ARE THE PRIZE IN MY BOX OF CRACKER JACKS!!!! teehee.

for more pics of this specific event visit Cheyenne's blog @

3 Creative Observation(s):

Anonymous said...

I miss you guys. It was horrible coming home.
This makes Jess sad....
And I never got your email address.

= [

Anonymous said...

Omgosh I miss y'all so much.We look so flunky in these pics.Hope to see you soon. Luv the posse Ally

Anonymous said...

Hey Jose,
I'm laughing and crying just remembering good times (pretty gay is it not?)
Hope to c ya soon,

Luv ya
Mikie VInce