Monday, August 23, 2010

'Left Behind' Photos of Camp

My Uncle recently emailed me these pictures which are also from this year's camp experience. My cousins took them on their cameras which is why I was unable to post them until now.

To the far left is our friend Jessica!! Other than that I expect you probably know us and our cousins.

Me and mah friend Luke.

Me and mah friend Jeremiah. It kinda looks like we're makin music together but we aren't. He's probably playin something AMAAAZING! While I, most likely, am not. I didn't even know this photo was being taken, to tell ya the truth. I was totally in my own little world.

Me and Tim behind the cooleo desk wearin cooleo aviators!

Jeremiah, Amanda, and Tim.

Right next to Wes is our friend Jess! and the other guy in the picture you probably don't recognise is John, a.k.a. Captain America!!

Genesee and Jess! heehee. :D

Tim with the our friends, the VanBerschots (Lucas, Lauren, and Loralee).

A few more of our friends with Bro. Jack Patterson.

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