Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Commencement Ceremony

This is the video of my entire speech. The sound isn't so great though :/. But I figure that if someone really has a hankering to hear it, they'll find a way. teehee.

All five graduates. Unfortunately this was the only photo taken of us all together. It was taken right after we finished walking down the isle. I'm the one in the middle.

Receiving my diploma.

During my speech.

Jordan and me

Me and Mom

Me and my Pop

Me and Haley

(the sun was in our eyes)

2 Creative Observation(s):

Anonymous said...

hi johanna its grampa from california.congratulations im very proud of you.look out comes johanna and she can take anything you throw at her. you are destine for greatness. love grampa

Mike Giardino said...

YAHOO!! graduate!!! sigh... at least you had other you graduated with. Mine will be myself, me and I... yeah... anywhozzle. Love ya, ttysoon