Monday, May 10, 2010

Midnight Echoes (of my mind)

I am who I am.
But have I excuses?
Is it who I want to be?
Is it what I should be,
-All that I could be?

Perhaps I am really He,
-Or She that's really me.
Who is She, is She me?
And what is His purpose?
What does She do, wish for, or need?

What about that?
Am I that or is that you?
Why am I not you,
-And why can't that be me?
"I am..." Who is am and why am I her?
Am I false or truly? Is it hypocrisy?

These thoughts aren't me but She who thought.
And She is of the past, my past.
For She is me but only in part.
Now She holds no power over me.
She is what I used to be,
-What I used to be isn't me.
And He is only the memory.

For now I know what I am meant to be,
-What I mean to be.
I know it is not They that make me.
They cannot sway me nor break me.
For I am who I am.
I have no excuses.
I am who I want to be.
And that is what I should be,
-All that I could be.

I am not She nor He,
-And no He or She is me.
But I am . . . I am me.

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