Wednesday, February 4, 2009


(1) I am a very easygoing, laid-back type of person but I can also be very bold and I have no problem standing up for my family, friends, an innocent, or what I believe in.

(2) I’m not the type of person to hold a grudge

(3) I LOVE to read! Especially well-written fantasy, ancient history, and poetry (nothing modern, mainly old English poetry)

(4) I have a love/hate relationship with roller coasters

(5) I have an easier time talking to guys than girls

(6) At the ages of 13-14 I was extremely rebellious, bitter towards God and my family, and after going through an insane spiral of ups and downs I fell into a deep depression (long story meant to be told another time)

(7) I enjoy spending money on others

(8) I have the GREATEST father any girl could possibly ask for and I thank God for him every day; and my mother is the bravest, strongest, most beautiful, God-fearing woman that I know and deserves the utmost respect (which I don’t always give to her because I’m a spoiled brat)

(9) If I had to choose between a skirt and a pair of jeans, without hesitation, I would choose a skirt

(10) I love to take pictures and one day would love to have my very own dark room

(11) I have a tendency to hiccup quite loudly at the most random of times

(12) I have always dreamed of becoming an English Literature Teacher and at one point I wanted to be an actress (but unfortunately, I can’t act)

(13) When I was 14, I was in a high school play ’Les Miserables’ which showed publicly for two nights back to back

(14) I loath cold weather and even though the white snow can look beautiful I prefer colors and life

(15) I have a terrible fear of clowns, ventriloquist dolls, farris wheels, small spaces, and . . . public restrooms

(16) I collect old books and have always loved their scent

(17) I don’t care much about what strangers think of me

(18) I’ve always wanted long, pitch black or red, curly hair

(19) When it comes to cooking, I’m definitely more of a baker

(20) I have been playing the piano since I was 8

(21) I was born in Pensacola, Florida and lived there for 7 years of my life and still dream about going back (but will go anywhere God wants me to go)

(22) I LOVE thunderstorms!!!

(23) I am Italish, or maybe Irilian - I’m half Irish, half Italian

(24) I am very observant, I notice the little things

(25) I believe with all my heart that with the testimony God has given me, the past experiences that He has put me through, and the fact that I am still alive today shows that I am meant to be more than just your everyday Christian and that He has a special plan for me in which I will be able to help people in a way that others cannot.

The average person would stop writing after the 25th point but not only am I NOT the average person but I also know that when you get done reading something you enjoy there’s always that feeling of ‘I wish I could read just a bit more’. So, here’s 11 bonus random things about me for those of you who cared enough to actually read this…

(26) If I could choose to live in a different era I would live in the Medieval or Renaissance times (back when there was chivalry *wink*)

(27) When it comes to shoes, I’m definitely a “ballerina flats and Chuck’s” type of girl although I’ve always liked the idea of high heels but would never wear them because I lack the grace needed to wear them without tripping

(28) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE spicy-spicy food

(29) Can’t stand celery or garlic cloves, they makes me gag when I eat them

(30) I get car sick very easily and will almost always fall asleep in the car even if our destination is 10 minutes away

(31) I have always loved the smell of the ocean and the feeling it gives me when I’m near it

(32) In a couple of years, Lord willing, I will be going to PBI (Pensacola Bible Institute)

(33) When I was just a wee lass, we’d go salt water fishing very late at night and afterwards camp on the beach (illegally) with nothing but a tarp over our heads and a tarp under us

(34) I feel like I disappoint my family allot

(35) The expression ‘pet peeve’ is a ‘pet peeve’ of mine

(36) When you get me talking (or writing) it’s hard to get me to stop. Hence, why this ‘25 RANDOM THINGS ABOUT ME’ turned into my life story…

14 Creative Observation(s):

Jacob Coe said...

Great list Jose!!! =)

~Jose~ said...

It's better than great, it's spectacular, wondermous, magical, true, deep, funny, stupendous, and MAGNIFICENT!!!!! J.K. Totally messing around. Mainly I'm just proud of me for stopping myself after #36 but it was hard. The only way I got myself to stop was by convincing myself that I should leave a couple things unsaid so there will still be some mystery to me for people (that actually care) to figure out, I just gave them a little head start. Teehee... "Mamma always said ife is like a box of chocolates, ya never know what your gonna get." WOW! Don't ask me what bag I just pulled that out of. LOL! Oh ya, almost forgot, Diddo... *wink*

iman said...

wudda ya say!?

but anyway, i am pretty sure that no new things were revealed about you to me through this list as apparently no new things about me were revealed to you. so i am pretty sure this whole ordeal lacked in revelations on both behalfs! lol, but you know what, that is okayy. i am down with allll that!

:) love ya,
iman! said...

hello Jose,how are you? your mom tells me about you but not detail just a glimpse.hehe. maybe now i can know you more if you would.i just read your comment on my article.praise the LORD for that.all the glory belongs to Him.actually i just finish making my blog last night i wasn't able to edit and put some interesting stuff maybe tonight.its ok to me if you added me to your link:)yeah its timely message for those Christian who are willing to serve God in many ways.

im looking forward of what God will do to your life.Godbless you,im praying for you.hold the fort! thanks.Christ is coming soon..

In Christ
Jazer Dann
Jer 20:9

Jazer Dann Godin said...
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Jazer Dann Godin said...

Hi Jose sorry i was not able to finish my message because im in a hurry going to church earlier for our midweek service.but now its ok im free:)by the way how are you doing? and the family?i hope all of you are doing well. your mom and your dad is a good friend of mine they are such a blessing to me.thank you for being a blessing too through your blog even though i didn't met you yet but im willing to share my testimony to you, for the glory of God as well your testimony too as what you had said "within the next 'who knows' you will get to know me more than you would like to" your mom told me that your planning to go to PBI for Bible schooling?thats a good desire and i know you have the heart to serve God in your life.Amen! just continue what you've started go forward!!if you shook up look up."if" you will ask me how am i,by the grace of God it is well with my soul(except i miss my family:)i just want you to know that im far from my family right now im living in a God-dependent life just to serve Him i leave my comfort zone for Him.ive been busy doing the ministry that God entrusted to me as well in my Bible Institute.please pray for me because this coming friday is our final exam of the subject that im taking up in the Institute one my teacher told me that we have 400 items final exam i need to make a chart outline and also study hard.please:) thanks.

Godbless you
In Christ Jazer.

Jazer Dann Godin said...

before i forgot..did you listen to my music playlist in my blog-spot?:)hows the recording?

Jazer Dann Godin said...

how are you? its ok anyway, it happen.i just miss them:)thats is! you hit the mark God-dependent life will only make our faith in Christ stronger and when the time comes we need that strength.i have more music like that but i just choose some of them i like:)i have a copy of them nice song eh?:)i really really love southern gospel excited too about you and your plan going to PBI ill be praying for you whats the will of God in your life,thanks for the encouragement too and thanks for being a blessing.extend my hello to the family:).Amen

Jer 20:9

Jazer Dann Godin said...

good evening and goodnight and dont let the bed bugs bite:)

Jazer Dann Godin said...

lol i like all of your pics you posted in your blog:)if you would give me your email im going to send some music.

Jazer Dann Godin said...

hey,how are you? i just open my account been busy this day in the ministry.praise the LORD for that.i got your email, are you doing? ihope all is well with just finish preparing my tie,longslieve/pants for tomorrows church services.


Jazer Dann Godin said...

hello jose how are you?i just want to say sorry about what happen if your mom told ok now.i talked to my pastor earlier i told Him my situation then after all we prayed,we open Bible.thank God!now im willing to be your good christian friend till He come! sorry if i make you upset.all i can do is to stand up and get right with God everyday.the fight is on!

Godbless you.

Jazer Dann Godin said...

hello jose,how are you?i hope all is well with thee.thank you for the encouragement and prayer i can now boldly say Our soul waiteth for the LORD he is our help and our shield.Amen! your welcome about the music i hope you like them though:)im ok now praise the LORD just finish my class in Bible Institute in the subject of Bible numerics.

In Christ
Jazer Dann

Jazer Dann Godin said...

hello my friend how are you doing? i hope all is well.