Sunday, November 2, 2008

Forgotten Post

When we first got to West Virginia The Coe's took us out to a Chinese Restaurant, here are some fortunes that we got...

Jake's Fortune

My Fortune

sotally sweetness... =>

2 Creative Observation(s):

shannon said...

I was just typing "I LOVE the music you put on" when the creepy little kid started singing. scared me to death. now that I have picked myself up off the floor, I may enjoy it. IF i imagine sweet little emma in cute jammies tip toeing around a christmas tree singing. otherwise, I am just freaked out.
Love ya,

~jose~ said...

Oh my goodness, you crack me up! LOL! I liked it... it's from one of my favorite anime movies. I love the piano in the background during the last five seconds of the little girl singing, it's gorgeous! sorry it scared you... =>