Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall Festival

For those of you who don't live here in Indiana let me explain what our Fall Festival is like. So, every year Indiana has this huge Fall Festival, lots of weird food (ostrich brain sandwiches, bugs inside of lollipops, baked ice cream, etc.), whole bunch of different type of rides, and TONS of people! I'm talkin' people from other states come to Indiana just be here for the Fall Festival week (while we were there we even met some people from Greece, that was interesting), and not to mention the freakiest of all freaky freaks flock to this place. Yeah. . .scary. Anyway, this year my mom decided to take us down there with a couple of our friends to pass out tracts. A friend of ours went to pass out some tracts earlier in the week and told us that he had been threatened and before we could even go down there to pass out tracts he had to give us a legal document from the Christian Law Association saying that we were breaking no law passing out tracts, it was freedom of speech. So, we went down there a little scared but everything went great, my dad even street preached a little. We had a couple of weirdies say some pretty strange things and do some pretty vulgar things but ultimately we had a great time and it was definitely an experience that we will never forget.

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Osborne Family said...

Good for you guys! Did anyone get saved? (I sure miss the Fall Festival, even with the freaky freaks walking around! :)