Friday, June 6, 2008


One random evening my mom decided to drive up to Lynnville (a place about 10 minutes away) to get a movie and a pizza. It just so happened that everyone wanted to go so we came up with the brilliant idea of putting me, Chey, and Haley in the bed of the truck. We were soooooooooo boredededededed that we made some pretty random videos on the way there and back. Here's one.

1 Creative Observation(s):

Jacob Coe said...

okay let me explain myself. You said "My computer is totally crapping UP on me" I misread it and thought you said "My computer is totally crapping on me. So I quoted you and put Lol at the end because i thought it was funny. But i will admit that i was wrong and I'm a crazy person that misreads things. Hope I explained it good enough.