Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!! Woo!!

Here is a pic of the three layer chocolate cake that mom made all by scratch (even the chocolate icing). Mmmm . . .
And here are the pizzas that we made, also by scratch. Chey and Haley made the one on the left, Andrea and I made the one in the middle, and Allison made the one on the right.

Don't even ask me what I was thinking about when mom took this photo but whatever it was it made me look like a total goofball.

And here is the group that showed up.
Emma, Haley, Chey, me, Andrea, and Allison.

Why is it that when some one says "funny face" when taking a picture almost everyone sticks out their tongue?

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Anonymous said...

hi jose i wish you a very very happy 16th brithday love granpa tony california