Thursday, November 15, 2007

S.U.U.E. EarthChild Oath

Best friends forever,
We will always be.
Bringing all our secrets,
Under the EarthChild Tree.
We'll be eachothers mentors,
Always staying by eachothers side.
And God will always be our ultimate guide.
What happens here stays here,
It will always be that way.
And when something is wrong,
We'll say what we have to say.
We'll put our secrets, whacky and wild,
Into an oath we made at EarthChild.
The four of us will become one,
And it will stay that way until th sinking sun.
-- Iman Howard / Billy
Our beloved EarthChild Oath,
Is wrapped around in bands.
Our sisterhood we have together,
Is held by hand in hand.
What happens in the cave stays in the cave.
We promise to tell eachother everything,
Whatever we do, Whatever we say,
Whatever lif'e's long journey may bring.
Here's four of our sisters,
There's eight of our hands.
Bring us together, And tie us a band.
Keep us together and never let go,
No matter how hard our willow may blow.
May people not like us,
Or think we are silly,
The S.U.U.E. will always consist of,
Tom, Jerry, Danno, and Billy.
-- Haley Harris / Jerry

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