Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Pix

In my profile I say that you may get a little taste of the kind of
photos that I take. Well, here's that little taste that I promised.
Just to let you know I did take every one of these pictures, even
the ones that I am in myself (it's hard to explain) and I didn't
use any of that computer stuff where you can do certain things
to make the pictures look better or change the color or add
things. These were all taken the exact way that they all look.
Just so you know. !) *wink*

4 Creative Observation(s):

Jacob Coe said...

Cool pictures.

you'll never really know me said...

heyy kidd whats goin on i love you and ummm.. love you lol idk lol but yea we need to deck out that loft like soon so yea well um nm to tlk about lol so yea guess ill go kk cmt back love you tons

Anonymous said...

you take really good pictures love granpa from LA

The Oliver Family said...

I can tell that I have a very talented photographer in the family and its not just me! Great pixs, I love you, from Mom